How to make… Frankfurter Grüne Soße (Frankfurt Green Sauce)

If you, as I do, like to wander the Farmers’ Markets on the weekend, you may have noticed that in recent weeks, stacks of large white paper packages have been nestling amongst the fruit and veg.  Pick one up to buy it and it’ll be unwrapped for you to okay the contents, a huge bundle of seven very specific fresh herbs that play the starring role in a wonderfully fresh and zingy seasonal speciality: Frankfurter Grüne Soße.

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style – Whatever Your Budget

The way to a man’s heart, they say, is through his stomach.  Well, it’s the way to the hearts of most of the women I know, too; and it is, of course, most definitely the way to mine.  The best date I ever went on featured a panel discussion on global meat consumption followed by a live butchery demonstration and a slap-up dinner at a private member’s club in London’s Soho.  (Pretentious, moi?)  Now, I’m not suggesting that you take your loved one to watch a cow being taken apart this Friday; my point is rather that if I was the sort of person who celebrated Valentine’s Day – which much to my husband’s delight I am not – I would be easily wooed with pretty much anything related to food.  So if you’d like to spoil that special someone in your life with an culinary treat this Valentine’s, whether that person be a partner, a friend or yourself, here are my suggestions for a few local edible pleasures to suit every budget that I’d not mind being spoilt with myself.

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5 seasonal treats to eat in… February

I must admit, I had absolutely no idea I was being so overambitious aiming to write something once a week.  It turns out, however, that motherhood is mindbogglingly time consuming – particularly in conjunction with a smashed foot.  (Alright, yes, that’s a little melodramatic; I’m only two toes down but I’m housebound under doctor’s orders and hobbling around as if I’m 100 years old.)  Thankfully, I’m occasionally granted time off for good behaviour when my husband gets home from work, so I do still get a little time to mess around in the kitchen.  And these are the ingredients I shall be playing with this month… Continue reading

Wiesbaden’s 5 Most Indulgent Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolate at Urban Kitchen

Wiesbaden, January 2014: largely wet, grey and utterly miserable.  If this isn’t the time for treating yourself to a cup of steaming hot liquid chocolate, I simply don’t know when is.  Being more than slightly partial to one myself, and therefore having sampled them all over town, I feel qualified to share my pick of the best.  So whether you’re hanging out with a book, a friend or a baby, here are my recommendations for 5 cafés in Wiesbaden in which to indulge in a winter treat.

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5 Seasonal Treats to Eat in… January

In the pale grey light of January, still slightly sleepy from the excesses of my London Christmas (highlight: a roasted rib of beef with gluten-free Yorkshire pudding – thanks, mum!), I find myself craving either comforting, earthy flavours or something crisp and green to blow away the cobwebs.  January, thankfully, has plenty to offer on both fronts.  Here are my top five edibles that this month, are very easy to find: Continue reading

A New Year… A New Beginning



It’s been a long while since I posted anything, I’m well aware, but I did spend most of last year either being pregnant or trying to work out what to do with a small baby.  Either way, most days, I either couldn’t face food at all or simply didn’t have the energy to go out and find it.  (Apart from ice cream.  2013 saw a lot of ice cream.)  So, last year was a quiet year in my kitchen and generally an unexciting one, food-wise.

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Review: Amadeus – a fancy(ish) local hangout in the Rheingauviertel, Wiesbaden

Amadeus Wiesbaden

I was dead on my feet on Wednesday night following a fairly hideous few days at work accompanied by crippling back pain, thanks to now being nearly five months pregnant (hence the lack of activity on the blog of late: it’s taken me this long to actually want to eat).  All I wanted to do was go home and pass out, but when B suggested stopping for a bite to eat on the way home so that neither of us had to cook, I couldn’t really think of any reason why not.  It’s at times like this when a really good local hangout really is the business.  We already have one, a very good one indeed, but sometimes it’s good to break a habit.  And so on this occasion, we stopped at Amadeus instead. Continue reading